Compact Soil Screener Designed for Skid Steers, Mini Excavators, and Small Bucket Loaders

DeSite SLG 68V Soil Screener

All Purpose Compact Soil Screening Machine

Available through Soil Screeners for $4750 USD

The DeSite SLG 68V Soil Screener is designed for feeding with the smaller loading equipment such as smaller skid steers, mini excavators, and small bucket loaders. It is the smallest in overall size of all DeSite SLG Screeners, but is still simple, strong, and well made.

This model features a screen deck significantly wider than the loaders’ buckets and a feeding height of only 5.5 feet, among the lowest available in a compact vibratory screener. With its small footprint and low weight, this model is so easy to move that it can be placed exactly where it’s most needed, close to the processing action, and easily moved between project sites.

As with larger DeSite machines, owners of the SLG 68V will appreciate being able to set the deck slope angle in order to best handle a wide variety of material and moisture levels. Operators feeding the 68V can further control the screen deck angle without leaving the cab using DeSite’s unique tilting screen deck. A sealed, low-maintenance 4000 RPM vibratory pack keeps material moving over the mesh without blinding. Rubber side skirts and a screen deck feeder plate along the top of the deck further ensure an effective flow of raw material across the screen for low crossover and contamination, and for effective, fast screening of dirt, rock, sand, gravel and other materials.

With the SLG 68V, those with compact and sub-compact loaders can realize high screening yields without giant equipment or giant investment costs.

Specifications of the DeSite SLG 68V Screener

Overall machine size: 88” wide, 77” high, 48” deep
Screen deck size: 68” wide, 52” long
Screen deck area: 25 ft2
Screen deck tilt: 45 to 30 degree angle
Suspension: cantilevered coil over leaf spring
Vibratory system: 4000 RPM, 110V, 5A, 760 lbs/revolution, eccentric
Warranties: 2-year replacement warranty on structure and workmanship under normal use and 1 year replacement warranty on all electrical.
Screen production rate: 10-20 yards per hour*

*Approximate. Other factors include the mesh, material,  feeding machine, moisture content and other conditions.

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