Skid Steer Sized Gas Powered Soil Screener 78VFG

DeSite SLG 78VFG (Gas) Soil Screener

High-Output Gas & Electric Powered Soil Screening Machine

Available through Soil Screeners for
$12,200 USD without Riser Box
$14,000 with Riser Box

DeSite’s SLG 78VFG Soil Screener has all the benefits of the popular 78VF and 108VF models plus expanded feeding and vibratory systems. The 78VFG moves dirt, rocks and other materials of varying moisture levels over the screen deck in two ways at once: a reliable 110V eccentric vibratory pack moves the deck in an effective elliptical motion while a 5.5 hp Honda gas motor vibrates the bottom of the deck up and down in an aggressive, contrasting vertical motion. Also unique to this model, the DeSite SLG 78VFG features a hopper style Dump-and-Go Feed Deflection System with Oversize Bypass. As on other models, this feeder best directs and controls the flow of material to the top of the deck and tips open to let large debris by. Additionally, this model’s feeder allows for dump-and-drive feeding, freeing the operator to go for the next load while metering wings inside the hopper keep material on the deck longer for fast and thorough screening.

The gas model SLG 78VFG has a few other benefits, too. For easy feeding and rapid handling of dry and moist materials, the screener has an extra-wide sloped deck that is both adjustable before screening and may be tipped up to 15-degrees more by the operator during feeding. As DeSite Screeners are known to be, it is very compact and portable, with forklift pockets and optional bucket lugs for moving, placing, and transporting around and between job sites.

The 78VFG is made for feeding with buckets up to 78-inches, which generally includes midsize skid steers, loaders and tractors. Feed height is 8 feet or 6.5 feet, with or without the optional Riser Box respectively. Many different screen mesh panels are available with which land developers and repurposers can produce a great variety of valuable material, from fine sand to large rocks. The SLG 78VFG produces clean, well sifted products at a very high rate from 20 to 50 yards per hour*.

The gas- and electric-powered SLG 78VFG Soil Screener is for those who mean business, who are serious about high screening production but recognize this as an alternative to the huge, costly, high maintenance, complex screening plants.


Overall machine size: 117” wide, 94” high, 60” deep

Screen deck size: 80” wide, 52” long

Screen deck area: 29 ft2

Screen deck tilt: 45 to 30 degree angle

Suspension: cantilevered trunnion over leaf spring

Vibratory system:
Electric - 4000 RPM, 110V, 5A, 760 lbs/revolution, dual eccentric armature;
Gas - 580 RPM, 5.5 hp, Honda GX200, 1.25” per revolution, dual eccentric belt-drive

Screen production rate: 20-40 yards per hour (20-50 yds/hr with Riser Box)*

Warranties: 2-year replacement warranty on structure and workmanship under normal use and 1 year replacement warranty on all electrical.

*Approximate. Other factors include the mesh, material, feeding machine, moisture content and other conditions.