Soil Screener Designed for Skid Steers, Excavators, and Bucket Loaders and Mid-size Backhoes.

DeSite SLG 78VF Soil Screener

Medium-Duty Soil Screening Machine

Available through Soil Screeners
$6,550 USD without riser box
$7,450 USD with riser box

The SLG 78VF Soil Screener is the most popular model of the entire DeSite Soil Screener line. It is very compact and has built-in fork pockets and optional bucket lugs for easy moving between piles and from site to site. It is also vibratory so as to deliver a higher quantity and quality of screening product several levels above simple grizzly style gravity screeners. And it includes the unique-to-DeSite feed deflection system and operator-controlled tilt, features that control and direct the flow of material over the screen deck, give the operator the greatest control over screening, easily handle oversize material, and overall make screening easy and effective with minimal crossover and cleanup around the machine.

The SLG 78VF gives clients the most versatility in screening with the widest range of feeding machine types and sizes. Thanks to the adjustable screen deck angle and variety of extra, optional vibratory screen mesh, it can screen a large variety materials well: wet, dry and in between. It’s easily fed with medium sized excavators, bucket tractors, compact loaders, and skid steers. For these machines with buckets up to 78 inches wide, the 78VF has an extra wide screen deck and a feed height of approximately 6.5 feet. As a recommended accessory, the 78-series Riser Box is available with this model; it raises feed height to 8 feet and increases production and storage capacity by 20%.

Whether screening is a primary function or just one process among many on the jobsite, the DeSite SLG 78VF compact vibratory screener is a low-priced, low maintenance, high output machine that will exceed production goals and pay off quickly.

Specifications of the DeSite SLG 78VF Screener

Overall machine size: 96” wide, 88” high, 54” deep
Screen deck size: 80” wide, 52” long
Screen deck area: 29 ft2
Screen deck tilt: 45 to 30 degree angle
Suspension: cantilevered coil over leaf spring
Vibratory system: 4000 RPM, 110V, 5A, 760 lbs/revolution, dual eccentric armature
Warranties: 2-year replacement warranty on structure and workmanship under normal use and 1 year replacement warranty on all electrical.
Screen production rate: 15-30 yards per hour (15-40 yds/hr with Riser Box)*

*Approximate. Other factors include the mesh, material, feeding machine, moisture content and other conditions.

Final Note

The DeSite SLG-78 portable screener will simply amaze you. Customers often comment along the lines of, “This new screener is so simple!” They cannot believe that no one has thought of it before. We’ve also heard, “The SLG-78VF is a stroke of genius.” We lay no claim to being a genius, but we have put a lot of thought into simple efficiencies.

This is not a light duty static box with a thin screen on it. We offer heavy duty, spring actuated, new concept screeners that can be fitted with a multitude of side-tensioned mesh sizes. This machine will pay for itself in short order with all that can be saved through onsite recycling. Recycle sand, soil, topsoil, compost, etc.

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Below is an older video of the SLG-78 version II model