Soil Screener Designed for Tractors, Backhoes, and Full-Size Loaders

DeSite SLG 108VF Soil Screener

Heavy-Duty High-Output Soil Screening Machine

$12,600 USD with riser box

$10,800 USD without riser box
(removable riser box greyed out in image)

Available through Soil Screeners
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The DeSite SLG 108VF Soil Screener is appropriate for industrial and commercial screening. It’s DeSite's largest screening machine.  It is portable, low-maintenance, and affordable. With the optional Riser Box this model is best fed using full-size backhoes, excavators and wheel loaders.  Without the Riser Box (feed height 8 feet), it’s ideal for compact loaders, compact excavators, skidsteers and others machines with buckets up to 108 inches wide.

Feeding this machine is easier than other screeners because of the wide screen deck and the tilt-open feed deflector. Together they make loading easy. They reduce cross transfer of material, and contamination.  The effective sifting happens when the load going over the screener mesh is in contact with the mesh surface. The wide screen deck ensures all material from the bucket hits the screen.  The Feed Deflector keeps the material on the screen deck.  Operators can set the deck slope with the SLG 108VF. The screen deck slope can be controlled, without interrupting feeding, thanks to the cantilevered deck suspension allowing an extra 15 degrees of tilt just using the bucket.

inside soil screener one of the vibratory packs

While all Desite Screeners feature low-maintenance, fully protected, sealed 4000 RPM 110V vibratory packs, the SLG 108VF has two! Dual vibratory packs are fitted under panels of elongated, double-crimped, interchangeable hardened steel mesh. The vibratory pack and the mesh design prevent plugging and blinding through intense vibratory screening action. Different sizes and shapes of screening mesh panels are available.

We have designed the screen deck to be fitted with two mesh due to the large size of the screen deck. Having the mesh split into two 56” x 66” mesh panels allow for one person to change out the mesh. The spring loaded screen deck compresses when impacted by heavy stone. What this means to you is that the SLG-108 with stand up to years of use. The meshes on the 108 are hooked for side tensioning over the crowned screen deck. Tensioning the mesh will make the mesh panel more resilient to bending and cracking.

If more than two final products are needed screen the material more than once while the screener is outfitted with a different size mesh.  It is the ultimate screening versatility when using just one soil screening machine. With the SLG 108VF Soil Screener by DeSite, the operator has control over the sifting and sorting of nearly any desired final size product. The original material can be wet or dry, sand, dirt and rock, debris etc.  With a DeSite screener there is a minimal interruption in the screening process.  It delivers quality results in a short amount of time.

All of the features of this DeSite Screener make it high output, versatile, and low maintenance. Landowners, property developers, golf course operators, municipalities and landscapers can afford a DeSite screener.  An onsite screener lowers the overall cost of a  project.  No more large dump fees.  No more dump truck hauling away valuable material.  No more time spent moving material from a job-site and back.  The SLG 108VF from Soil Screening Equipment ultimately gives clients a high rate of return on their original investment.   DeSite owners report long-term satisfaction.  Owing a larger screening planing that costs tens of thousands of dollars doesn't make cents when most of the time it will sit idol. When large costly machinery is idol it costs money in terms of storage, depreciation and repair.  DeSite Screening machines are appropriately sized for most contractors needs.

inside soil screener one of the vibratory packs and coils

Specifications of the DeSite SLG 108VF Screener

Overall machine size: 126 wide, 95” high, 73” deep.

Screen deck size: 110” wide, 72” long.

Screen deck area: 58 ft2

Screen deck tilt: 45 to 30 degree angle.

Suspension: Cantilevered quad coil over leaf spring.

Vibratory system: 4000 RPM, 110V, 5A (ea motor), 760 lbs/revolution, dual eccentric armature.

Warranties: 2-year replacement warranty on structure and workmanship under normal use and 1 year replacement warranty on all electrical.

Screen production rate: 20-50 yards per hour (30-60 yds/hr with Riser Box)*

*Approximate. Other factors include the mesh, material, feeding machine, moisture content and other conditions.


portable vibratory topsoil screener for tractors, backhoes and loaders